About Us


In 2004, trained chef Lisa Herlinger discovered an artisan ice cream treat void in Portland, Oregon. Her solution? Fill it with unapologetically indulgent ice cream sandwiches. Still working as a chef by day, Lisa spent countless late nights churning out batch after batch of cookies and ice cream varieties until she found the perfect combinations…and Ruby Jewel was born!

Lisa sold the first Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwich at the Portland’s Farmers Market and quickly garnered an enthusiastic loyal following. While Ruby Jewel has received attention on The Food Network™ and other national media, all Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches are still crafted in our own ice cream factory we call “Sandwich City.”

With Ruby Jewel’s culinary and farmers market roots, we are committed to supporting the local community and economy, using only the very best, all-natural ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from farmers and food artisans in the Pacific Northwest.


  • OUR COMMUNITY – Together we are devoted to building an environment founded on trust, collaboration and support. We are one Team.
  • OUR AUTHENTICITY– We embrace our Farmer’s Market roots and are intensely passionate about the uniqueness of Ruby Jewel.
  • OUR PRODUCT– We are obsessed with quality, flavor, taste and how we enhance your everyday experience.
  • OUR CULTURE – We support all team members like family and we want to have fun in everything we do! Care, trust, inclusiveness and approachability.
  • OUR APPROACH – We thrive in an environment of individual accountability and believe our people are capable of extraordinary things.


From our beginning, it has been a part of Ruby Jewel’s values to support our communities and the non-profit organizations that serve them. When our community thrives, our business thrives, too. Over the years Ruby Jewel has supported dozens of organizations focusing on children’s education, hunger relief, and equality such as: :


We are firmly committed to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and believe that diversity only makes us STRONGER.

  • We are committed to supporting local organizations that champion efforts towards positive, meaningful change.
  • We believe all human beings should be treated equally, and fully support all people who are impacted by systemic injustice.
  • We believe Black Lives Matter.
NOW is the time for change and to stand up and demand dignity, respect, and inclusion for all.