Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, our stores have reduced their operations and hours. Our N. Mississippi, NW 23rd and & Downtown stores are open to serve our new Jewel and Gem ice cream sandwiches as well as packaged ice cream sandwiches. SE Hawthorne has closed its doors. You can also visit our Jewel Buses at Hawthorne Asylum, BG’s Food Cartel in Beaverton and beginning August 1st, you can find us at the Centercourt dining area at Bridgeport Village! We hope to see you soon and please wear a mask 😷 when you come see us!

Brand new to our online store is a seasonal classic for fall. Try our Pumpkin Ginger Sandwich. You can find it as a ten pack by itself, or as a 5-pack in our Mix and Match. Any of our orders come with FREE Nationwide Shipping of our ice cream sandwiches! A great way to stock up if you’re outside of the Portland area or wish to send a gift of happiness to a loved one!

Not sure what flavor to get? Try our Variety Pack or Mix and Match two five packs!

Be kind, stay safe…and please wear your mask.
Ruby Jewel