About Us

A balanced diet is an ice cream sandwich in each hand.

In 2004, Lisa Herlinger stumbled upon an artisan ice cream void in Portland, Oregon. Her solution? fill it with extraordinarily and distinctly original ice cream sandwiches. After countless late nights churning out batch after batch of cookies and ice cream, Ruby Jewel was born. Lisa sold the first Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwich out of a cooler at Portland farmer’s markets, and the treats quickly garnered a loyal following. While Ruby Jewel has received national attention, appearing on the Food Network, all Ruby Jewel ice cream is still small batch, crafted in our own kitchen and ice cream factory we call “Spin City.”

Committed to supporting the local community and economy, Ruby Jewel uses only the best ingredients, thoughtfully sourced from farmers and food artisans in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Lisa and her sister Becky opened Ruby Jewel scoop shops in North Portland in 2010, Downtown Portland in 2012, and in Southeast Portland in 2015 serving ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, and scoops of every flavor.