Downtown Flavors




Housemade shortbread bars topped with caramel and milk chocolate swirled into our classic Vanilla Bean ice cream


Mexican Chocolate w/ Chocolate Cookies

Rich chocolate with a hint of warm spice – with chunks of chocolate cookies mixed in. A Chocolate lover’s favorite!


Marionberry Chocolate Flake

Perfectly purple Oregon Marionberry ice cream with delicate flakes of chocolate marbled throughout


Peanut Butter Banana Fudge

Bananas meet freshly roasted CB’s Nuts peanut butter ice cream with a fudge swirl


Brown Sugar Peach Crisp

Juicy ginger peaches mixed into our sweet cream ice cream with oatmeal-struesel crisp topping mixed in. It’s pie a la mode – in one scoop!


Cherry Limeade (Cow-Free)

Black Cherry juice is combined with lime to create a slightly tart and refreshing vegan treat!


Caramel + Salted Chocolate

Housemade caramel folded into our ice cream, topped with chocolate ganache and a pinch of Jacobsen Salt’s Fleur de sel


Vanilla Bean

We use pure, rich vanilla for the best tasting vanilla ice cream you’ll ever eat


Oregon Strawberry

We use only Oregon strawberries to support our local berry  farmers and because they’re simply the most delicious


Caramelized Coffee

Coffee ice cream made with Nossa Familia cold brew and house-made Espresso Caramel Sauce


Cookies + Cream

Cookies are soaked in our ice cream base to infuse the cookie flavor into the ice cream then cookie pieces are mixed in


Double Chocolate

Thick and creamy, intense chocolate ice cream made with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and rich cocoa powder


Oregon Mint Flake

Seely’s mint is turned into refreshing mint syrup used to flavor this ice cream, along with dark chocolate flake


Honey Lavender

Bee Local’s High Desert honey and Lavender Lake Farms’ lavender mesh into the perfect blend of Oregon flavors


Strawberry Basil (cow-free)

A big Oregon strawberry flavor with a fresh basil kick!