***NW 23rd*** OPEN NOW


1650 NW 23rd AVE



We are excited to bring Ruby Jewel to NW 23rd and the Slabtown neighborhood !  While we do our best to keep our online menu updated, our seasonal flavors change rapidly and may run out at any time. If you are looking to try a specific flavor, please call ahead to ensure its availability.


Caramelized Coffee

A fan favorite for coffee lovers. Our best coffee ice cream is made from Nossa Familia’s Full Cycle signature blend.

Peanut Butter Dream

This is one of our most popular peanut butter ice creams. We attribute that to the house-made peanut butter cups that are oh! so salty-sweet!


Our double chocolate ice cream with swirls of house-made, mint-infused marshmallow fluff, and double chocolate cookie crumbles.

Marionberry Crisp

An homage to our wonderful state’s unofficial berry, the oh so juicy Marionberry! Marionberry ice cream is loaded with house-made buttery (& gluten free) oatmeal crisp!

Oregon Turtle

What makes this Turtle ice cream “Oregon Turtle”? Our state nut, the Hazelnut! Generous pieces of house-made hazelnut brownies (gluten free) swirled into our beloved Salted Caramel ice cream.

Honey Lavender

We combine local honey and organic lavender for an extra refreshing Spring time flavor! It’ll take you back to those days when flowers pop and trees start to bloom in Portland.

1927 Toasted Marshmallow

This is an amazing (but labor intensive) flavor. We get SHEETS of marshmallow from the experts at 1927 s’mores, a local Portland artisan. We toast/brulee/burn slightly the marshmallow and scrape all the goodness off the top and into the ice cream base to soak.

Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie

Malted Vanilla ice cream is chock full of chocolate chip cookies pieces

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (cow-free)


Margarita Ice (cow-free)

 Alcohol free, but a refreshing salted lime flavor that is available for you to extend your Cinco de Mayo celebrations all the way through summer!


Caramel + Salted Chocolate

Housemade caramel folded into our ice cream, topped with chocolate ganache and a pinch of Jacobsen Salt’s Fleur de sel


Vanilla Bean

We use pure, rich vanilla for the best tasting vanilla ice cream you’ll ever eat


Oregon Strawberry

We use only Oregon strawberries to support our local berry  farmers and because they’re simply the most delicious


Cookies + Cream

Cookies are soaked in our ice cream base to infuse the cookie flavor into the ice cream then cookie pieces are mixed in


Double Chocolate

Thick and creamy, intense chocolate ice cream made with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and rich cocoa powder