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While we do our best to keep our online menu updated, our seasonal flavors change rapidly and may run out at any time.
If you are looking to try a specific flavor, please call ahead to ensure its availability.

 Hazelnut Latte

A fan favorite for coffee and hazelnut lovers. Our best coffee ice cream is made with Nossa Familia’s Full Cycle signature blend espresso and hazelnut butter.

Nutter Butter

This is a new flavor for the peanut butter purest – peanut butter ice cream, peanut butter cookies, and peanut butter cream all in one scoop!

 Oregon Mint Flake

Working with our friends at Seely’s Mint, a 4th generation local farm since the 1940s, we combine fresh heirloom mint leaves and chocolate flakes to our sweet cream ice cream base.

 Ginger Peach Crisp

Our own brown sugar sour cream ice cream with swirls of house made peach jam and ginger crisp.

 Brown Butter Blondie

Brown buttered ice cream base with generous pieces of delicious house made blondies. Blondies are essentially brownies without the cocoa powder. Our recipe adds chocolate chips and toasted pecans.

 Oregon Berry Flake

A mix of the best Oregon has to offer. In our own kitchen, we cook down marionberries, blueberries, and strawberries to add to our ice cream base flaked with dark chocolate.

Salted Toffee Covered Graham Cracker

Chocolate ice cream chock full of housemade toffee covered graham crackers.

Honey Pistachio

Whole roasted pistachios with a touch of Bee Local honey in a rich pistachio ice crea

Marionberry Ice (cow-free)

Marionberries pureed and spun into a smooth, refreshing non-dairy treat

Strawberry Basil (cow-free)

One of our very best, most popular, longest running dairy-free options at Ruby Jewel. Oregon Strawberry puree and local basil are an amazing pair!


Caramel + Salted Chocolate

Housemade caramel folded into our ice cream, topped with chocolate ganache and a pinch of Jacobsen Salt’s Fleur de sel

Vanilla Bean

We use pure, rich double fold vanilla for the best tasting vanilla ice cream you’ll ever eat

Oregon Strawberry

We only use Oregon strawberries turn it into thick strawberry jam  because they’re simply the most delicious

Cookies + Cream

Cookies are soaked in our ice cream base to infuse the cookie flavor into the ice cream then cookie pieces are mixed in for many many chunks. 

Double Chocolate

Thick and creamy, intense chocolate ice cream made with melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and rich cocoa powder